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Caldwell Elementary School

Caldwell Elementary Program is a substantially separate school that educates children in grades K-6. Students are referred from member and nonmember districts due to students being unable to make effective progress in their current school setting or for assessment purposes. Referred students may present with significant social, emotional and learning disabilities and behavioral issues. Students may have dual diagnosis’s of ADD/ADHD, PTSD, PDD, ODD. The goal of this full day program is to assist children in developing healthy relationships, learn to self regulate their emotions, enhance their communication skills and meet their academic potential. The program runs a typical school calendar year with the option of an extended school year. We work to educate students to possess the social skills required for success in school and in the community. We work to create a learning environment where students can feel comfortable and confident so they can be the best version of themselves and return to a least restrictive environment.


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The mission of the Caldwell Elementary School is to help each child discover his or her strengths, improve coping mechanisms and develop social and academic skills. The goal of the program is to provide each student with the behavioral and academic skills required to return to less restrictive educational settings.

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Students are placed in multi-age classrooms according to their developmental needs and academic skills. Caldwell Elementary values the need for individual attention to ensure that students receive the accommodations they require. Therefore, class size rarely exceeds eight students with a teacher and teacher’s assistant/s supporting the classroom. Additional related service providers are also available for group and individual services such as; Speech, Occupational Therapy, Music and Art.

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Each student is assigned to a full time school counselor. The program provides a variety of modalities to meet the student’s therapeutic needs including individual counseling, social skills groups and evidenced based curriculum. Students have access to weekly music groups, art classes and occupational therapy space. Their assigned counselor assists them in being able to identify triggers and find effective coping strategies that assist them in emotional regulation.

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