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The mission of the Caldwell Alternative School is to provide an educational experience for students with special needs that fosters academic growth, social responsibility, and emotional health. Caldwell orients its programming and instruction around the three focuses of safety, respect, and effective learning.

Some students will return to their public schools depending on performance and needs; others may complete their education at Caldwell. For students entering Caldwell in their junior or senior year, our mission is to assist in the successful completion of graduation requirements of their sending school districts, and prepare graduates for a successful transition to college and/or the world of work.

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Caldwell Alternative School enrolls 38 students between the Middle School and High School (grades 7-12).

Caldwell Middle School (grades 7 & 8) enrolls students in two classrooms, each staffed with a Teacher and a Teacher Assistant. These classrooms are self-contained thus students receive instruction in the core content curriculum within the room. Students leave the classroom for art and physical education.

The middle school utilizes a daily point earning system as a gage for students to determine success. Students are rewarded for success in the areas of effective learning, respect and school safety.

In Caldwell High School, students are assigned to one of six homerooms and to one of four academic groups depending on grade. Academic groups, in general, rotate through a seven-period/five day schedule (six periods on Wednesday) and receive instruction in Math, English, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Career Education and Woodworking and Support Group/Study Skills. Art and Physical Education are offered two days a week.

The seven Caldwell High School teachers instruct one content area. Teacher Assistants are assigned to academic classes as needed, assist wood shop, art and career education, as well as provide crisis intervention in the milieu.

Caldwell High School community utilizes a Level System as the fundamental structure to promote behavioral, social and academic growth. The six (6) levels are sets of clear standards for an effective student. This system is instrumental in assisting students in setting and meeting goals, and in allowing students to monitor their own progress on a day-to-day basis in school.

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Middle and high students are assigned to one of two school counselors. These clinicians are available to parents/guardians for support, to provide case management with other agencies involved in the students’ lives. Clinicians also provide adult-facilitated mediation and conflict resolution, as well as groups in social skills training, and crisis, anger, and/or anxiety management, and coping skills.

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Students are referred to Caldwell Middle and High School as a result of being unsuccessful in general education, or as a step-down from a more restrictive setting. Students present with a variety of academic, social and behavioral challenges and/or emotional impairments requiring instruction in an adult-intensive, highly-structured setting with small class sizes and consistent support, encouragement and praise.

Typical conditions seen in the school population include: general and specific learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, suicidal ideation/depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar, oppositional defiant, Asperger’s Syndrome (and some other spectrum disorders), or a combination of these.

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