From the Director

The FLLAC Educational Collaborative was founded in 1975. As a non-profit educational organization our primary mission has been to provide high quality
richard-murphy programs for students with special education needs.  Over the years FLLAC has developed a reputation for offering students highly individualized services and supports that are researched based and always geared toward movement to a less restrictive environment. FLLAC’s teachers, paraprofessionals and related service providers are well trained and offer services in a caring, responsive and flexible manner designed to bring out the best in each student.

FLLAC provides services to our member districts and to students from over fifteen surrounding communities. We offer school year and extended year programs for students with significant learning and behavioral issues, students who are on the autism spectrum and to students with developmental and intellectual delays. Supported by a team of related service providers including occupational therapists, speech therapists, counselors, social workers, vocational coordinators and physical therapists. FLLAC classrooms are vibrant and social places that remain connected to the larger community and that continually work to foster ongoing family involvement and input.

FLLAC is governed by a Board of Directors each of whom are either Superintendents or School Committee members designated by the school committees of our member districts. We work closely with special education administrators and principals to provide or create programs that are located in the communities we serve. We support district staff by offering high quality professional development and related services including vision, orientation and mobility and home tutoring services. FLLAC also works with districts to realize savings through cooperative purchasing efforts in such areas as virtual education, energy and transportation coordination.

At FLLAC we take great pride in our relationships with our students, their families, our member districts and the community at large. We remain committed to being a responsive, flexible and caring organization that has high expectations for our students and staff and that meets the ongoing and evolving needs of our students and our member districts. I hope that you will be able to visit our programs and meet some of the extraordinary staff and students that make up the FLLAC community.

Richard Murphy, Ph.D.
Executive Director