Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Title Email Photo
Lisa Axelson ASD/DD Program Secretary [email protected]
Abigail Bellevue Caldwell Alternative School Nurse [email protected]
William Bergstrom Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Hollie Beyroutey Caldwell Elementary Secretary [email protected]
Julie Bragg Caldwell Elementary Program Supervisor [email protected]
Terri Burchfield Business Manager [email protected]
Pamela Caron-Washburn  Vision Specialist [email protected]
Jennifer Cassidy ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Kathleen Cassidy Speech Therapist [email protected]
Stephen Celona Caldwell Alternative 45 Day Coordinator [email protected]
Susan Clark Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Amy Collier Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Gretchen Cravedi  ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Kate DeBettencourt ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Alissa Desilets ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Marc DiBuono Caldwell Elementary Teacher [email protected]
Colleen Dorsey ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Sarah Doyle ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Sarah England ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
April Estabrooks Art Teacher [email protected]
Audrey Fors Physical Therapy Assistant [email protected]
Kimberly Gaidanowicz Caldwell Elementary Teacher [email protected]
Franchelly Greer Caldwell Elementary Teacher [email protected]
Cheryl Hannam Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Peter Hart Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Pamela Hill Teacher Caldwell Elementary Program [email protected]
Marsha Januskiewicz  Administrative Assistant to the Director [email protected]
Jessica Kaptcianos  Music Therapist [email protected]
Jonathan Kinney  Caldwell Alternative Counselor [email protected]
Anne Lemieux  Caldwell Elementary Counselor [email protected]
Gary MacCallum  Caldwell Alternative Principal [email protected]
Nancy Major Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Sonya Matthews Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Kerry McCann  Speech Assistant [email protected]
Leigh Migrants ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Richard Murphy  Executive Director [email protected]
Curtis O’Dell ASD/DD Teacher [email protected]
Deborah Oliva Speech Therapist [email protected]
Cynthia Peterson  Caldwell Alternative Secretary [email protected]
Joanne Pierce Physical Therapist [email protected]
Jeanne Plouffe  COTA [email protected]
Debra Rennick Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Susan Richard Physical Therapist [email protected]
Megan Ritter ASD/DD Program Director [email protected]
Rebecca Sacco Speech Therapist [email protected]
Jean Sauer  Vision Specialist [email protected]
Sandra Silvestre Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Susan Smith-Scott  Caldwell Alternative Counselor [email protected]
Lori Stevens  Technology Specialist [email protected]
Arthur Thomas Caldwell Alternative Teacher [email protected]
Diane Turk  Business Secretary [email protected]
Kelly Vokey  ASD/DD Social Worker [email protected]
Mollie Wheeler  Caldwell Elementary School Nurse [email protected]
Holly Wilbur Physical Therapist [email protected]
Heather Zacharakis  Caldwell Elementary 45 Day Coordinator [email protected]

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